Yes... we keep producing !

Létiga products are sought after and appreciated for their incomparable comfort we have often been told. We give great attention to the design of our models so that the cut is perfect. Each style is designed to offer a perfect fit.

The stretch fabrics we use allow great freedom of movement and provide good support throughout the day. The result is a form-hugging undergarment that is hardly noticeable and quickly becomes like a second skin. The wearer gets good support and a polished look.

Létiga underwear is made of cotton, for traditional comfort, or micro-fiber which helps release moisture from the body so the wearer can stay dry and comfortable all day.

All our fabrics contain spandex (Lycra), often described as the fiber with memory that always returns to its original shape. This is why Létiga underwear retain their shape and appearance even after having been washed repeatedly.

At our workshop, you will find the same products as previously sold in shops and even more !